It’s an exciting time for our city! I deeply value Brecksville’s charm and all-around family-friendly community. As we embrace new opportunities, let’s make sure we preserve what we love about our town.

A little bit about me …

Raised in Brecksville, I left to attend Bowling Green State University. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, I worked in the automotive industry for several years and then returned to Brecksville while pursuing an International MBA degree at Baldwin Wallace University. Through friends at St. Basil Church, I met my now-husband, Dan. We’ve lived here ever since.

That was 20 years, 4 kids and 1 dog ago and now I’m ready & willing to serve.

When you vote for me, you vote for my 20+ years of strategic & operational business experience earned primarily at American Greetings. You vote for the leadership, communication and collaboration skills earned in both professional and volunteer endeavors. Above all, your vote indicates a shared belief that the thoughtful and deliberate planning of our city has been — and should continue to be — crucial to its vibrancy.

Brecksville’s Strengths Include:
  • Great Amenities: Our community, buildings, parks and services make daily life better.
  • Charming Design: The city’s allure comes from deliberate planning.
  • Strong Community: I’m proud to be a BBHHS alum and value our community above all. I enjoy community events and frequent our shops & restaurants. An active member of St. Basil the Great Parish, I have volunteered in a variety of ministries over the years, all of which have deepened my connection to our community.
Opportunities Facing City Council:
  • Old Buildings + New Spaces. We’ll need to decide how to reimagine several spaces around town. I believe many ideas and options should be considered so as to arrive at plans that work individually and collectively for the maximum benefit of our residents.
  • Valor Acres. This exciting project is transformational. In my view, this development should work in synergy with our downtown. It should be a win-win for businesses and residents.
  • Flooding and Drainage. A challenge in several areas, flooding and storm-water drainage problems need to continue to be addressed in partnership with Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District to ensure residents and property are safe.
As Councilwoman, I Pledge to…

  • Listen, ask and learn
  • Collaborate, discuss and discern
  • Focus on what’s best for keeping Brecksville the enviable town that it is today

Campaign Q & A: The Campaign Topics page contains a number of common questions that are brought up frequently in discussions with residents. I’ll keep this updated as new questions are posed.

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